Journal of Jeremy Kade Pt. 3

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Apparently, my Mom saw a man in the house today. He was wearing a suit, and he was really tall.. Just like in my picture. I've also heard some weird noise coming from the closet around 2:00 am in the morning.. When I go to check out what the noise is... There's no trace of any source of the noise. My friend is going to lend me his video camera so I can capture what ever is making the noise. You're the only friend I have right now, journal.. Well, the only friend I can write to. -Jeremy 

It's been four days, and for some reason.. I found the journal in different places today. The weird thing is that my little brother hasn't been home for a while. He's been at his Grandma's for a few days. I highly doubt my Mother would do anything like moving my journal around.. I'm very paranoid and see shadows in the corner of my eyes. I'm now reading the journal over and over again and seeing that the writing from before isn't in Andy's handwriting. -Jeremy 

 Jeremy, you're it. Come and find me before I find you! 

Five days since I've kept on reading that.. Jeremy you're it? Who the hell is this? Mom, if you're playing a prank on me.. But I keep on seeing this pale faced man in a suit. He doesn't have a face.. I'm really scared and don't know who to go to. Journal, you're the only thing that keeps me sane.. It's the most scariest thing I've seen in my life. I've never seen anything like it.. and I watch five horror movies a week. -Jeremy

My hand is shaking violently as I write this. Journal, I'm sorry. But I'm going to burn you if I see another entry that wasn't written by me. It's getting really scary.. And if you're reading this, leave me alone. Don't ever write in this journal again! Or I'll burn it! -Jeremy  

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