Deep Foot Tales Pt. 1

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Blake Dolavin:

So you want to hear a camp fire story? Well, I got a scary camp fire story that I've told many times. So sit back, relax and enjoy this story. This story takes place in this very forest itself, called Deep Foot. Back before the white man crossed this forest to settle down a few miles away from here, there was once an old native tribe that lived in this forest.

The tribe hunted in this forest, but they never hunted for food inside of it. They hunted for food far out of the forest in the plains. Why the tribe never hunted for food in this forest you might wonder? Simply because they weren't hunting for food, but something else. They marked the entrance to the darkest parts of the forest with special bones made from the animals that they hunted from the plains. If any of the were to cross these markers, they'd be in the deepest part of the forest. The only way you could tell you were in the deep forest without the markers was the silence inside of it.

The deep part of the forest was dark in the day time, with only the sun peeking out from the thousands of leaves that covered it. The wind was always calm, never blowing against the leaves. The only sounds you could hear were the sounds you were making yourself. You could scream at the top of your lungs and you could barely be heard from anyone if you passed those markers.

The chief of this tribe had a beautiful young daughter whom he watched over carefully. But one day, the chief had to go on a great hunt as winter would be arriving soon. He left his daughter with the women of the tribe that day. He went off on the great hunt. His daughter never knew what was beyond those markers, but she imagined it to be scary. Although her imagination led her to believe that darkness is her fear, she was more curious of what was hidden in that darkness. On the day that her father left, she had snuck away unnoticed from the tribes camp.

She went to the entrance of this dark forest, looking at the markers made out of bone. The markers were arranged as skulls of various different animals with bones dangling from the bottom of them. She knew that whatever was in that dark part of the forest was waiting for her. She looked back, remembering the safety she once had back in the camp. She then crossed the markers, slowly walking into the dark forest.

When the chief came back, his daughter was missing in Deep Foot forest. He questioned the women who were meant to watch her, but they could only come up with one answer. She wondered far off into Deep Foot forest. Her father then set out with only a few others on a search for her passed the markers. They had a sense of fear in their hearts. Not for themselves, but for the chiefs daughter. As they passed the entrace, someone had spotted her standing there looking up to the trees of the forest. Her father called out to her, asking her to come to him. She stood there with no response, only a dead silence that filled the air.

Her father then looked up where she was looking, and he knew that it had found her. He then called out to it with a strong voice, asking it to leave this forest. The others then prepared their hunting weapons, ready to fight it head on. Her father then reached out his hand for his daughter, now yelling out to her. She was no longer dazed, realizing the danger she was in. She sprinted towards her father, with the others besides him with their weapons ready.

Later that night, the chief returned with his daughter and the others. The tribe welcomed them back, with fear. They asked what the chief had saw beyond those markers. The chief ignored their questions, as his relief for his daughters return was too great. The others knew that the chief and this daughter weren't the only things to come back to the camp. They had brought something with them.

The fires crackled, but the wind around the camp was slowly dying. The animals stopped making noises, with a small moon light to barely reveal the darkness around their camp. The chief slept besides his daughter, clenching her tightly in his arms. But by morning  the chief awoken to find his daughter missing. The only sign was her clothes left in his arms. He was filled with guilt and remorse, as he ran out of his tipi. As he opened the tipi, he noticed the entire camp burnt to the ground with the skulls of his tribe circled around the trees. He looked in shock, noticing a tall dark figure holding the hand of what looked like his daughter.

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