Ser Gillurn's Last Words

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"We've discovered the missing pages of the diary buried with a mummified body. Judging by the notches in the wrist bones, we believe that whomever this body belonged to commited suicide. It is widely believed to be Ser Gillurn. The location of this discovered evidence will be classified until further notice." 

Last Entry: 

"Where there is smoke, there is flame. Where there is fog, there is Slenderman" -Ser Gillurn

(We used Slenderman instead of what Ser Gillurn wrote for proper documentation)

A Closer Look:

"Now that we've discovered the deep notches in the wrist bone, we've discovered a rusty longsword stuck into a rotted log. This body was most likely left here for more than five hundred years. The mummified bodys exact location is still classified. Ser Gillurn most likely stuck his blade into the log in order to drag his wrist across the blade multiple times. But why would Ser Gillurn commit suicide? This creature sounds terrifying from its vague descriptions from Ser Gillurn. These descriptions will also be added to this document." 

Entry 304 of 306:

"Tallest than I. Wisest than I. But no hunger like mine. Hunger much greater than mine. Its armor is darker than the night sky, but its face is brighter than the moon that shines. Its arms drags across the ground as it floats across the countless trees. Seeing it more in the night than the day. My eyes don't fail me, but my mind does. This creature will be the death of me. I shall not become like my close friends that were killed by it. It kills in ways none of my people can imagine."

Entry 305 of 306:

"The trees are silent, and the fog is thick. I know the Slenderman is coming for my life. It will be the plague of my remaining hours. The sun will drop and I will follow it into the ground unless I take my own life. This creature has no more sense of smell, no more sense of touch, no more sense of sight and no more sense of life itself. This creature is me."

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