Notepad of Julius

261 4 0

Hmm, note one. I've been stalking this weird dude.. 

He's wearing a dirty brown suit..

Uhh.. Hmm. Anyways, I have a pair of binoculars

I'm going to do an equipment check

Binoculars - Check

Dads Gun - Check

Notepad - Check

Snacks - Check

Anti-Slenderman Gun - Check

I'm going to hunt down Slenderman. But that man 

with the weird looking suit.. The blood on it

Hmm. I'm going to go downstairs and check

to see what he's going hanging around my


Oh my gosh.. He showed me so much that I didn't 

have enough time to write on my notepad. Dang though

he's an amazing guy! He's looking for Slenderman too!

But he said that Slenderman is following him. I want

to put Slenderman on tape! Oh.. I forgot why though.

Hmm. This Notepad is just for reminders but...

I'm almost out of writing space on this notepad.

But this Denver Slight dude is the real deal!

He also told me to take my Dad's Camera.

Weird.. Anyways I'm going to keep these notes.

Known Contacts:

Denver Slight

Denver Slight's Slenderman, Apparently

My Dad

My friend ComplexPiggy on the computer  

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