Case 1 (Tape 14 of 14)

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"This is Kelsie's therapist, George Longe. We've discovered no evidence of the disappearances of Kelsie, nor Detective Peters. We believe that Detective Peters has kidnapped Kelsie. We have the destroyed tape 13. We will play it on this tape as a recording that shall be classified" 


Detective Peters: 

"It's getting the cameras!"

"Oh my God.. Oh my God... Kelsie RUN!"

"Call security! WHAT IN GOD'S NAME IS THIS?" 

"IT'S GOT HER! SOMEBODY- [Screaming]


Kelsie Cove


Detective Peters: 


[End of Tape 13]

"We will keep this tape in an archive for further research. The date is June 5th. It's been five hours since they've been missing. Police are still searching for the body of Kelsie, as we believe for her to be dead. The detective, nor Kelsie have been found as of now." 

"The date is June 24th, and we've had no reported sights of detective Peters, nor Kelsie. We haven't found Jade niether. This case is going to be closed, and left as an unsolved mystery. The cause of the disappearances have been recorded by witnesses on these tapes. We will destroy all evidence." 

[End of Tape] 

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