Case 3 (Tape 7 of 22)

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[The following is an investigation of Tommy Lee, A nine year old from a farm a few miles away from Riverside]

Investigator Waters:

"We've investigated the area where Tony Lee disappeared." 

"We've discovered a stuffed animal that was hanging in the branches"

"The stuffed animal was a few trees away"

"Strangest part of this though.."

"It was completely dry, although it's raining right now"

"Most of the trees don't have leaves."

"The date is October 3rd"

"This is Investigator Waters"

"Recording stops" 

[End of Tape]

Investigator Waters:

"Tommy, we've had no luck with our search in finding your brother"

"I'm sorry, but in a couple days your case will be transferred.."

Tommy Lee: 

"Daddy is going to be mad.. Daddy is going to be mad"

"Slender is going to get me"

Investigator Waters:


Tommy Lee:

"Slender is going to get me!"

"Slender is going to get me [Laughing]"

Investigator Waters:

"It appears that the child has completely lost control of his-[Yelling]"

"Tommy! Put that down!"

"Call security!"

"Tommy, lower that weapon at once!" 

Tommy Lee: 

"It's going to get me.. It's going.. IT'S RIGHT THERE!"

[Multiple Gunshots]

Investigator Waters:


[End of Tape]  

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