Denver Slight's Chart of Creatures (P.6)

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The Stalker, also known as Slenderman or Slender. 

Skinny, Tall, Dark Suit, Long Arms, Pale Skin, No Eyes, No Nostrils, No Mouth 

Sometimes some people tell me it has multiple appendages. 

When the Stalkers are in groups, they're called Stalkings. 

For some reason, I haven't encountered a group of Stalkings. 

There has, however been a Stalker  following me for years. 

Known Victims: Human beings, All ages. 

Known Actions: It stalks its prey for quite some time. 

Known Lethality: Some say you can get 'Slender' Sickness. 

Known Habitat: I've noticed hearing people say it's been sighted in the woods frequently 

How it kills: Some say that it hangs you on a tree. I'll have to investigate more. 

The Prison, also known as a Ghost or Spirit. 

Small, Fragile Looking, Little Dress, Unhealthy Skin, No Eyes, No Nostrils, No Mouth 

You can only see this little girl once it chooses you as its prey. 

I've noticed in two cases that it favors children. 

I believe there's a connection between the Stalker and Prison. 

I've only encountered it a few days ago. It's been trying to feast on my fear. Tsk Tsk 

Known Victims: Human Beings, All ages. Animals, Typically for its Habitat. 

Known Actions: It traps the preys mind in a prison of fear. 

Known Lethality: Once the victim goes insane, It will then appear in front of everyone. 

Once it appears in front of everyone, It will then execute the victim with- ? 

Known Habitat: I've sighted the creature deep in the forest. Very thick in the fog, usually in caves. 

How it kills: That's still a mystery to me. I've seen the skin and flesh of its victims fall off. 

It appears once the victim goes completely insane. How peculiar. 

I've written this as documents. I shall discover more! This journal is going to make me famous. 

You'll see one day, reader! And if you are a reader, the only readers I think that will read this.. 

Perhaps an investigator? Haha. -Denver Slight

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