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Journal of Jeremy Kade Pt. 5

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The hunter went missing since yesterday.. I still have his rifle that he let me borrow. Oh my God.. I think it got him. I feel so sick to my stomach as I write this. I feel a presence of something. I'm in my room right now and his gun is on my lap. I'm facing the cloest.. and I'm so scared. Journal.. I'm going to burn you. I'm going to burn you and never look back to this day. -Jeremy 

I see you when you're sleeping

When you're awake you're only dreaming

You're gone and then they're screaming 

I'm behind you while I'm creeping

I'm a stalker that doesn't speak

I'm an angel that will take you to a peak 

You'll be so high that you'll never want to go

But when I'm gone you'll fall like snow

Every snowflake is so unique,


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