Witness Reports

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"It was a sunny morning, but the birds weren't singing. It was a silent morning, yet no one came outside to enjoy. I heard a few gunshots in my neighbors home and I saw it through the window. My neighbor lives across from me. I saw a teenager holding a gun, shooting at it. It was so tall.. And I got a good glimpse of its face. It was the most haunting face I've ever seen.. Don't ask me what it was, because it's not human. But it wore a suit.. It walked upright and had these appendages. He shot at it.. But it's like the bullets went through it. It moved as if it didn't have any weight. Now I think it's going to come for me.. Because it knew I looked at it. I'm going to die, aren't I? -Witness Report 

"There were multiple gunshots that morning. I was driving around the street when I heard these shots and I stopped my vehicle.. I looked up towards the window and I saw it. It's face.. It's face will haunt me until I die. It was the more horrible fucking face I've ever seen. The sight of it made me so nauseous... I saw it holding a child. It was a little child.. and It was holding him. When I dialed my phone to call the police, I looked back and they were gone. I'll never forget that face.. and those gunshots.. I'll hear those gunshots for the rest of my life. And every face I looked at.. I'll see Its face. -Witness Report 

"It had the clothes of a child in one of its hands. It was horrible.. It stared at me quickly. When it looked at me I felt the pressure of fear. It crushed my sanity, and it killed my bravery. It wore a suit, It was tall, and it was holding their clothes.. They weren't there.. It was holding their clothes. The suit was completely black.. The hands were pale. The face was pale. The face though.. It didn't have eyes, nostrils, a mouth.. If you saw it, you wouldn't be here. You'd be at your home hiding your children. You'd be at your home hiding your spouse. You'd be at your home hiding yourself.. But it'll find you. I see it in every shadow I look at. -Witness Report 

"The youngest of the Kade family, two boys went missing. When the Mother of the family heard gunshots, she ran out of her room and tried to reach her two youngest. But as she recalls, they weren't anywhere to be seen. It's quite strange, as many witnesses didn't recall seeing her in the window. The two boys remain missing as of today, September 22nd"  

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