The Fourteen Missing Branches

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[The following is an interrogation of the missing investigators] 

Unknown Officer: 
"Okay, we're recording. Can you repeat what you said?"

Detective Joday:
 "We all followed procedures.. We saw the branches supporting-" 
"The branches held their bodies up.. Their chests dripped with gore"
"It was horrible.. No man with a soul could have done this.."
"They were placed in a perfect pattern.. I saw them.."
"But I couldn't see their faces.. It's as if they disappeared"
"The team that was investigating in the forests.. Me and my team"
"We didn't know It was still there.. But we could feel it"
"It was watching us.. Watching our cameras flash.."
"It felt our emotions.. We were sickened from the bodies"
"I called off the investigation"
[Low Moan]
"Oh my goodness.. It was waiting..."
"Some of us were sprinting away screaming.."
"Some of us took out our guns and started shooting"
"I did neither.. I just.."
"We saw children.. We saw adults.. We saw teenagers.."
"Both genders.. We thought we could outrun it.."
"We thought we could all just shoot at it.."
"But that's the problem with us.. We tak- Damn it.."
"They're all gone and I'm next.. I can feel it"
"It's going to get me"
"I swear to you It's going to get me.. No matter what you do"
"No matter what you do in your life.. No matter what you do.."
[End of Document]  

[The investigator had no signs of mental illness in his entire life. The investigator was then found dead a few hours later from strangulation with his belt. The case remains unsolved as to what happened to thirty two people, including fourteen missing investigators.]

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