Prison of Fear: Journal of Denver Slight

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"It's in the basement of the earth, yet it glides among the upper floor we call earth. This spirit haunts the prison we call walls of our home. The days have turned darker, yet the world still turns. I've investigated the haunting of the Stalker, as many call him. But I've encountered an entirely new creature that roams the forests. The time of day is from dusk until dawn. I shall write in this journal to keep the information I've learned. The creature that I'm documenting for future reference is called, Prison. A prison will lock your sanity in its world; It will keep you away from society. The longer it locks away your insanity, it will feel like a prison in which you will go insane." 

"The Stalker, a slender being that has multiple appendages was sighted today. The village is investigating the being itself. They've asked me for my expertise, but alas I'm already discovering a new creature. This creature is completely unknown to mankind, so it's very important that I learn more about it. I've created a device that detects the energy of this spirit called Prison. For now, I won't follow it but try and discover whether there are multiple prisons. Many say that they can't harm mankind like the Stalker, a being that stalks the villages children and kidnaps them. But I have to disagree, as I believe there is a connection with the Stalker and the Prison." 

"I've located the area where the Prison lurks. It appears to be in the thick of the woods, far away from society. The closer I get to its natural habitat, the more foggy the forests are. It's quite peculiar, but I shall continue. This will be a short journal entry, but from the victims I've interrogated, it appears that this spirit has the motives of the Stalker. Thus, the motives of the Stalker is unknown to us, but many believe that it needs to feed on our fear. I shall discover the motives of the Prison in good times, readers." 

-Denver Slight  

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