Instant Messaging Pt. 4

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DeathKnight01: I'm going to find Swag 

ComplexPiggy: Haha. Got your notepad done?

DeathKnight01: Yeah, I got my Dads Gun 

ComplexPiggy: Wow. Do you really need that? 

ComplexPiggy:  We're talking about Slenderman here. -_-

DeathKnight01: I know xD But I also met this guy

ComplexPiggy: You mean the weird medium dude? 

DeathKnight01: YEAH! The one with the internet ad

ComplexPiggy: What's his name again?

DeathKnight01: Denver Slight. He can help me

ComplexPiggy: Dang. What's the price for him? c:

DeathKnight01: He's no charging anything.. He says it's free

ComplexPiggy: Oh. Well then, that's nice.. 

ComplexPiggy: He has to be looking for something from you. 

DeathKnight01: No, all he said was if I ran away from him

DeathKnight01: Or even got scared.. ._.

ComplexPiggy: That he would hurt you or something? LOL.

DeathKnight01: Yeah, Yeah.. He wouldn't hurt me but he said that..

DeathKnight01: He said that this 'Prison' thing might go after me

ComplexPiggy: Are you two on drugs? What is this Prison 'Thing'? 

DeathKnight01: I don't know what that is. Puzzles me dude. lol.  

ComplexPiggy: Anyways, stay out of danger and find Swag

ComplexPiggy: He hasn't been on for a couple of weeks now

DeathKnight01: Will do man. ttyl

ComplexPiggy: Has logged off.

DeathKnight01: Has logged off.  

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