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Case 4 (Tape 1 of 10)

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[The following is an investigation of Denver Slight, A suspicious man who walked out of the woods] 

[There are few officers at the station.. There have been multiple disappearances] 

[Only the amateur officers are left to interrogate..] 

Officer Pelestan: 

"The date is September 30th" 

Denver Slight: 

"Can you tell me why I'm here, Officer?" 

Officer Pelestan: 

"You're here because you're a suspect for the disappearances.."

Denver Slight: 

"Oh my, how fun! How many disappeared?"

Officer Pelestan: 

"Now you tell me what happened to Tommy Lee!"  

Denver Slight: 

"You think a man like me who is carrying a journal- [Interruption]"

Officer Pelestan: 

"Shut your mouth, smart ass!"

"You're going to tell me where Tommy Lee is"

"I've had multiple witnesses tell me a man in a suit is responsible for the disappearances"

Denver Slight: 

"You really think he was in a suit like mine?"

"I'm wearing a light tan suit you know."

Officer Pelestan: 

"I've read your journal, and I'm convinced.."

"You're going to stay here for questioning"

Denver Slight:  

"As you wish, Officer."

"But I must warn you, I'm being followed.. By a Prison."

Officer Pelestan: 

"I'm not going to take you seriously.. I have read the journal.."

Denver Slight: 

"If you have read the journal, then you should know the nature of the prison."

"You're this frustrated over a man you barely know.. It'll choose you."


[End of Tape]  

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