Prison of Fear: Journal of Denver Slight P.3

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"It appears to the naked eye that the blood on the walls were streaking across from nothing. The crimson on the wall drips and drops just like the rain that pours above the roof of this familys home. They've screamed at me for my expertise. Alas, I've only told them that they can delay, but time will not. Only time can tell the future of Tanya. Faer, that's what the prison calls itself. I shall now witness on how this creature feeds on mankind." 

"The skin of Tanya has been falling off of her cheeks. She's been screaming in terrible pain. Now I believe that this spirit feeds on the little children of this village. They wouldn't know better. I believe that this creature will feast on the human beings curiousity, and then to swallow it.. It will use the flesh of the human being. The flesh will be soaked in blood, the thirst will be satisfied. This is the beverage of the Prison. Now the next question is, why are there crimson faces appearing against the windows? Does it wish to warn those that it should not be followed? Only the one that's trapped in its prison can see it. I'm going to ask Tanya  what she sees before she passes on."

"She tells me it's a little girl that looks almost like her, besides the dark raven hair that dangles against her back. I've tried to contact the Prison, but it doesn't wish to speak to me. It's quite peculiar, as niether does the stalker. I've now saved Tanya by showing her my device. She says that it scared away the prison. The family is thanking me, but now they're trying to tell the village to banish me. The village knows they need me. Although I don't use the modern technology of this village, I have been quite successful in my own technology. Rest now, Tanya. It will return." 

-Denver Slight  

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