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Case 4 (Tape 7 of 10)

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Julius Martin: 



"Are you in there? [Knocking]"

Denver Slight:

"What's taking your friend so long? [Light Laughing]"

Julius Martin:  

"I don't think he's inside"

Denver Slight:

"Then we shall enter the home."

"It's as simple as that."

Julius Martin: 

"What do you mean go inside?"

"Like.. actually break in?"

Denver Slight: 

"Do I really need to repeat myself?"

"We're going to enter his home."

Julius Martin: 


Denver Slight: 

"You wished to witness the Slenderman."

"I warned you about the risks, child."

Julius Martin: 

"Sorry.. I remember."

Denver Slight: 

"Very good, Child."

Julius Martin: 

"But what if we get in trouble?"

Denver Slight: 

"You won't need to worry about the police."

"Let's just say, most of them are.. Absent."

"And I promise you, we'll see Slenderman."

Julius Martin: 

"Are you sure we'll see Slenderman?"

Denver Slight: 

"I'm quite certain, child." 

Julius Martin: 

"Okay. Hey, where's my gun?"

Denver Slight:

"You've brought a gun?"

"That's quite odd."

"I've noticed that you're missing a notepad as well."

Julius Martin: 

"Oh shit.. Why'd you take my stuff?"

Denver Slight:

"What makes you think I took your equipment, child?"

"Do you think that I could take your items without you noticing?"

Julius Martin: 

"Oh my God.. I'm leaving"

Denver Slight: 


"Haha. Well well well, if it isn't the Stalker itself."

Julius Martin: 

"Holy Fuck! I see it.. HELP ME DENVER!"



"[High Pitch Screaming]"





Denver Slight: 

"Wait... This isn't the Stalker that's been following me"

"So you must be different from the Stalker."

"You must be Riverside's Slenderman."

"Oh my goodness.. Not even my device can stop you."

[When the second police department have discovered the tapes, both Julius Martin and Denver Slight have been reported missing. The first police department was missing 21 officers on that day. We've reviewed the discovered tapes in a tanned ripped suit, soaked in blood. It's been decided that this is an unsolved mystery as of today, December 14th. Soon it will be 2012, a new year of tapes to be discovered. This is investigator Jenson. You, the reader are to decide what this being is on the next page of this book.] 

(You, the reader are an investigator. You've read up to this point, reading about this creature. You must decied whether you wish to continue this case, or leave it to another reader. The next page will be the page where you comment your reports on all of the evidence collected. Good luck, Reader. Or should I say investigator Reader?) 

[End of Tape] 

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