Douglas Lee's Hunt pt. 2

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Douglas Lee:

"Listen to me Aden, NO ONE knows about this" 

Aden Lee:

"Douglas.. You shot a kid in the head.. You shot.."

Douglas Lee:


"[Camera shifting rapidly]"

"[Camera distortion]"

"[Unrecognized Screaming]"

Douglas Lee:

"SHOOT AT [Static]"

Aden Lee:


"[Multiple Gunshots]"

Aden Lee:



"[Leaves crackling]"

"Camera distortion]"


"[Children Giggling]"

[End of Audio]

"This handheld camera had no video. It was recovered by the clothes of Douglas Lee, and Aden Reece. Their guns had shot fifteen rounds. It appears that the bullets never hit any of the trees in the vicinity, which can only mean they shot their target. Whatever their target was, it appears to have disappeared with them. We've traced no footsteps in the vicinity. Douglas Lee, Tony Lee, and Thomas Lee remain missing as of Novemeber 4th. There's also a child missing in the forest that was crossing it as a shortcut. The child of Mark Vasquez, a local from Riverside"  

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