Case 3 (Police Recording Device)

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[Following the events of Tape 7, It appears we've found various tapes that are highly damaged. We will play the audio of the tape that portrays what happened after Tape 7. Be cautious, as the following audio is highly disturbing.] 

Investigator Waters: 

"Tommy, you're going to put that gun down.."

Tommy Lee:

"I shot him.. I shot him.. I got it Daddy.."

Investigator Waters: 

"Tommy.. You shot the therapist.. PUT THE GUN DOWN!"

"TOMMY! PUT IT DOWN! [Gunshot] 

Tommy Lee: 

"I'm sorry my policeman.. Tommy is sorry"

"[Crying] I know you're here.."

"They didn't believe me.. So I shot them"

"They.. Th-they.. [Heavy Crying]"

"I want you to give me back Tony.."

"No.. I don't want to answer another question"

"Please.. No.. I don't want to"

"[Static] Don't come closer to me.."

"I'll shoot you like those bad men"

"No.. Please don't"

"[Unidentified 'Slithering']"


"[Cracking Sounds]" 

"DADDY! DADDY! [Loud Screaming]"


[End of Tape]

"The rest of the tapes are damaged. Five officers have gone missing, including the lead investigator Waters.. The names will be disclosed in the evidence. The case is now classified under unsolved mysteries. The whereabouts of Tommy remains unknown, as of October 10th"  

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