Case 1 (Tape 12 of 14)

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"This is Detective Peters. The patient of the facility has ill mental health."

"I am now questioning the patient, Keslie Cove."  

Detective Peters: 

"Can you tell me why you think It's coming after you?"

Kelsie Cove: 

"It's scary because it's something you can see with your eyes"

"It's something that exists in your mind.."

Detective Peters: 

"Are you comparing this being to a ghost?"

Kelsie Cove: 

"It's not a ghost.. It's an animal.. It has no conscience.."

Detective Peters: 

"Now Kelsie, in our last session you said it was Slender?"

Kelsie Cove:  

"[Crying] I just want to die.. It's coming for me.."


Detective Peters: 

"Kelsie, what did you say?"

"Listen, it's okay Kelsie. I promise you you're safe here"

"No one is going to harm you.. Now can you tell us.."

Kelsie Cove: 

"You think it's a person?!"

"IT'S NOT! [Yelling]"

"Why can't you believe me?"

"[Shrill Voice]"

Detective Peters: 

"The patient is now losing conscience! We need a nurse in here!"

[Loud Footsteps] [Static]

Unknown Voice:

"It's here.. It doesn't exist.. It doesn't exist.. Oh my GOD!"

Kelsie Cove: 


Detective Peters: 

"Calm down Kelsie! I'm going to have to sedate you again!"

Kelsie Cove: 


Detective Peters: 

"Oh my God.. What is that?"

"[Distorted] AAAAAHHHH"


[Loud Footsteps]

[End of Tape]  

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