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Instant Messaging

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SwaggaKid12: hey 

ComplexPiggy: Hi

 SwaggaKid12: how are you? 

ComplexPiggy: I'm good. Hbu? 

SwaggaKid12: i'm good

SwaggaKid12: did you see the news?

ComplexPiggy: That I did. Some kids are missing..

SwaggaKid12: yeah.. jeremy is missing

ComplexPiggy: I know. Poor guy.. He had problems. 

SwaggaKid12: lol. i looking at this diary of ser gillurn

ComplexPiggy: I remember that. I actually have a photo

ComplexPiggy: I got it from the internet          

SwaggaKid12: you do have a picture?

ComplexPiggy: Check it out Man. 

SwaggaKid12: dude, that's what it looks like?

ComplexPiggy: Apparently. It fits the description.. 

SwaggaKid12: omg.. xD that's freaky 

ComplexPiggy: Anyways, I have to log off. ttyl.  

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