Witness {Eyeless Jack x Reader} by CybrochisFTW
Witness {Eyeless Jack x Reader}by Evsol
This story is not my own, i was granted permission from the true author of this story, i will soon put his/her username in the bottom of this page, But please, this stor...
  • witness
  • romance
  • general
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The Gangster and the Princes (boyxboyxboy) by Popcorn_and_Anime
The Gangster and the Princes (boyx...by Lights at midnight
I did have a home once. A mother that woke me up with a bright smile. A father that often told me stories on a rainy day. My life was perfect. But things may not be as p...
  • nostalgia
  • sadness
  • gangmember
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All at Once by little_blue_lies
All at Onceby Taylor xx
Sabine Greyson's whole world was shattered when William Chase slaughtered her parents... Right before her eyes. Uprooted and fearing for her life, Sabine is forced to le...
  • witness
  • lifeordeath
  • program
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CONTAMINATE by TatimTechVeloso
CONTAMINATEby Raquel Fatima Tech Veloso
It was as if Old Time stopped to watch as the world we knew was devastated and ruined, monstrosity took its reign and decided to put an end to all living humans. The cla...
  • zombies
  • weapons
  • betrayal
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Witness by zuhmyruh
Witnessby Z
"Okay let's make a deal." He says while walking closer to me. "Let's see if you can break down the bad boy's walls and get him to become as holy as you.&q...
  • relationship
  • multiplesclerosis
  • emily
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Witness | MYG by Taemeaway
You are the only witness left alive .
  • suga
  • bts
  • bangtan
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Tortured Reflection by meganbrit
Tortured Reflectionby meganbrit
***contains strong sexual language****** **mature content **** "The saddest thing about betrayal is it never comes from your enemies. " Taylor is a college stu...
  • love
  • unable
  • drugs
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Sleepy Hollow Ichabod And Abbie Fates Entwined.  by RavenHollow
Sleepy Hollow Ichabod And Abbie Fa...by Margaret White
Follow Ichabod And Abbie as they battle demons and a soul bond that means so much more. Disclaimer this story is completely mine.
  • sleepyhollow
  • witnesses
  • ichabbie
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Witness • Vmin by that_one_bitchhh
Witness • Vminby Yoongi's Slut
Jimin witnesses a mafia murder and has the pleasure of meeting their sadistic torturer... _____________________ "I'm a virgin." "Aaand I'm supposed to giv...
  • kintaehyung
  • fanfiction
  • taehyung
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Intruder by LexaDelTaco
Intruderby Flavored Tap Water™
Elliot and his family have been put into witness protection. Elliot seems to have ticked off people in some high up places. Those same people attack Olivia and she has t...
  • svu
  • intruder
  • fanfiction
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Witness Protection Programme by iiwandergirlii
Witness Protection Programmeby Rucha Kadam
******************** What started as a horrible day at work for Lily Armstrong, turns into an absolute nightmare when she becomes a key eye witness to a cold blood...
  • romance
  • fight
  • indianauthor
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The Aftermath  by bubbleblast27
The Aftermath by Rosie
when a witness confronts a bully, her life changes further. ** Attention!! This is a sequel!! If you're interested in this book; I suggest you read HAUNTING HEAVEN fir...
  • grief
  • love
  • witness
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a picture of mindless self indulgence everyday for 50 days by Excuse-My-Tantrum
a picture of mindless self indulge...by Thick
  • lights
  • lynz
  • pink
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total disaster by vanessam712
total disasterby Vanessa
When Evann witnesses the brutal murder of a wealthy lawyer, she must go into witness protection with her younger sister and her new, hot bodyguard.
  • romance
  • witnessprotection
  • death
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🌹 the unwanted cullens  by PrincessAlissahall
🌹 the unwanted cullens by Alissa Chanice Hall m.
what if reneesme wasn't an only child what if she has three sisters that are unwanted by the cullens and wolves. what happens when the volturi comes because they think r...
  • cullens
  • witnesses
  • possible-war
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Unusually Unusual! by WritersMeetingSaga
Unusually Unusual!by WritersMeetingSaga
Both came together for an unusual reason. Really, it is completely an unusual reason. None of them have plans to make it any more unusual and thought of sticking to th...
  • strangers
  • romance
  • marriage
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The Witness by WritersUnion
The Witnessby Writing Peeps
When one girl accidentally witnesses a murder take place, her life turns upside down, and everything she's come to know proves to be false. She's taken prisoner on an Is...
  • olivia
  • fantasy
  • matthew
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Witness Protection Program by MoniqueRodriguez2
Witness Protection Programby ✨Monique✨
Girls always fantasize about going to prom, having their first kiss, and being part of the cool crowd. But being put into the Witness Protection Program is not on the li...
  • witnessprotection
  • danger
  • undercover
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The Vampire Slayer by Digimon8
The Vampire Slayerby Digimon8
After Bella Woke As A Newborn, Edward Took Her Hunting, And They Found A Baby Boy. Rosalie Was Going To Adopt Him, But The Boy Was Drawn To Alice And Jasper. So Instead...
  • thevampireslayer
  • jasper
  • twilight
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What Happened to this Bully by SaswatSahoo
What Happened to this Bullyby Saswat Sahoo
DAVBSEB school is perpetually violent and aggressive. A vulnerable new boy from a tamer school quickly gets targeted by a particular bully. The attempts to deal with him...
  • gossip
  • factions
  • fight
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