Instant Messaging Pt. 3

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ComplexPiggy: Hey Death, apparently Swag has been seeing the Slender thing. 

DeathKnight01:  Oh.. You mean Slenderman. Haha, I doubt that. 

ComplexPiggy: Rofl. He hasn't logged on for a loooong time. :c

DeathKnight01: That sounds strange. Maybe he's doing it on purpose. 

ComplexPiggy: I hope he doesn't think I'm takng him seriously

ComplexPiggy: Taking*

DeathKnight01: Well.. Sometimes I wonder. He's an okay guy..

ComplexPiggy:  Trust me dude, he's faking it. 

ComplexPiggy: I've never heard him say that he lived near the forest.

DeathKnight01: Dude, I actually think he lives near the forest. 

ComplexPiggy: Don't you live in Riverside too?

DeathKnight01: Yeah.. I visit him sometimes.

DeathKnight01: And now that I think about it.. He actually does.

ComplexPiggy: Wait.. You mean he does? o_O

ComplexPiggy: Why don't you check on him for me?

DeathKnight01: Sure. I guess I can go to his house to chill for a while.

DeathKnight01: Haha, it'd be funny if I saw his fake Slenderman.

ComplexPiggy: Yeah.. I'll believe that when ComplexPiggys fly.  

DeathKnight01: Anyways, ttyl Complex. 

ComplexPiggy:  Okay, I'll see you later. Baii.  

DeathKnight01: Has logged off.

ComplexPiggy: Has logged off.  

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