Paranormal Case 1

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Reginald Bear:

We're here today to investigate the paranormal occurrences in your house.

Are you fine with us using a video camera to document this, Mr. Jadams?

John Jadam:

I'm fine with it.

Just please tell me what's going on with my daughter

Todd Valdinsky:

You called us here about some paranormal entity that's inside your house..

John Jadam:

I did.

And I'll tell you, it's nothing I've ever seen before..

It was standing outside of the house near the trees

Todd Valdinsky:

Reggie, I want you to tell Gerald to set up cameras by the trees.

And Mr. Jadam, I want you to stay with your daughter.

John Jadam:


You're free to make yourselves at home..

I just hope you get results about this thing..

Reginald Bear:

That's our job, Sir.

[Camera 1]

Todd Valdinsky:

Testing, one two three

Shoulder camera operating properly.


[Camera 2]

Reginald Bear:

The tripod camera is set up and filming.

Let's get this show on the road.

[End of Audio]

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