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"Once upon a time, there was a child named Haggin. Haggin was a young child, with a father preparing for war and a mother who passed away. Haggin had a funny laugh, as him and his father exchanged stories. But one day, his father had told him a story that his father before told him. It was about a creature known as the stalker. A monster that took little children away deep into the forests.

He told Haggin that there was a monster with the face of a monster. Its face only had two sockets that resembled a skull, and a pointed snout. He also described on how many limbs it used to hold itself up. With his child-like imagination, Haggin only pondered about this creature that afternoon.

He then set off into the forests, with curiousity leading him in the direction. 

The woods were thick, and there was an unnatural mist in the deep. Haggin was frightened, but curious at the same time. What does a curious child do when he's asked to explore? As this child walked through the woods, he couldn't hear any creatures in the distance. He wanted to turn around, but he was lost deep in the fog. It was strangely silent, and he was too scared to scream. He knew his voice would attract something. But that was the true question. He felt the presence of another, but what was it? 

This creature that was inside of the forest with him is known as a Stalker. A monster that takes the bodies of children deep into the forest. This creature wants to explore the forest with the child, to show it a new world of curiosity. But do not be fooled by its intentions. The creature is a tall, multiple legged monster. This child Haggin, was not alone. 

Haggin then heard his father calling out for him. But the voice was too far to be heard. He could only hear it shrilly, beyond the silence. He now noticed he could hear the leaves blowing above his head. It was getting dark, and the fog had already thickened. This child now screamed out for his father, feeling overwhelmed in the sea of fog in the shores of the forest. His fathers calling was growing more dim, as did the sky. He knew this creature was slowly approaching him.

His hair stood up on the back of his neck. But he felt warmth amongst the cold. His eyes now glowed with curiosity. The presence grew much more. It was if the creature that was in this fog with him had a connection.

Haggin's father new the nature of this creature. He knew what it looked like, as a child. A monster that preyed on the children of his village. He could barely hear his child's screams before they came to a sudden stop. Haggin's father had now gathered up a group of villagers to assist in him finding Haggin.

Deep into the forests, the trees reflected an orange glow from the torches. The wind stopped howling at the entrance of the forest. It was if nature itself had paused in the midst of the trees. The group of villagers were cautious, but doubting. The creature that they were to witness still exists today.

One of them had noticed the creature, and had shouted at the top of his lungs. He screamed up as loud as he could, STALKER! They all turned to face the horrible looking creature. It was arched upright holding the clothes of Haggin. It only had the empty sockets of a skull. As they all stood in fear, it continued to stare at them with a content pose. The only armed one was the father of Haggin himself. He had screamed at the top of his lungs, charging towards the creature blindly. The creature knew the emotions of its prey. It knew the foolishness of these villagers. The one thing it knew the most, was the forest itself. It's arm had penetrated the chest of Haggin's father, while its multiple legs scattered across the other villagers impaling them all at once. The only villager to escape that terrible fate was a man named Denver.

Only Denver survived the merciless attack from the creature itself. He never heard screams, nor groans in the background. He returned to the village in the morning, and led them to find the dead. The fog had disappeared, and the forest was once alive again. The village did not dare to enter the cursed forest, as they heard the faint laughs of a child. 

To this very day, there are still laughs in the forest by Riverside." -Ghost Story

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