The Journal of Joseph [Unknown Surname]

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"They stalked my children.. They stalked my children through the old woods where they played. I have three beautiful children that were always so joyful and playful. But one night they come home and say, Father! Father! There's a few fairies outside that play with us everyday in the forests! I investigated the forests with my children to see nothing but a small fog that grew slowly. Me and the children then went home to go see their mother.. But I noticed that one of them were missing. I'm so ashamed for losing my dear child. But he isn't the only one that disappeared. Shortly, my little girl said that the fairies wanted us to come into the forests. They wanted me and my wife to enter the forests with the children. They wanted us to bring our raised children to them. I asked my child what it was. She said Father, It wants to take us away from you. It's scaring me now. Can you come to the woods with me and my brother? We're still looking for Benjamin." 

"It's been a few nights since Benjamin's been missing.. I think I'm going insane. My wife has fallen ill since Benjamin disappeared. My children are always popping in and out of our home. Tonight I found the most disturbing mutilation of my life.. It couldn't have been werewolves nor coyotes that killed my cattle. The cattle were hanging upside down on the first tree that faced the farm. It was the more horrific sight I've seen in my counted days. I'm going to keep the children inside. But I could've swore I saw a dark figure staring at me through the leaves. It's as if it stood high like a branch of leaves. I'm going insane"

"It took them away.. My wife begged me to kill her. I killed her with my pitchfork.. I impaled her while she was screaming in their arms.. There were four of them behind the one that had my children and wife. I'm writing this as I prepare to go into the woods. I'm going to die looking for them. My wife is dead, life is broken. I, Joseph wish for my cousin to read this if I disappear. I know you'll return to this farm to collect my debt. I'm sorry that I never could say goodbye. I'm yelling and crying as I write these last words.. I'm scared to death.. I'm going to kill myself or let the monsters kill me.." 

[Translated from the Journal of Joseph, 1460]  

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