Video Cameras Audio [Audio Part 2 of 25]

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Andrew Redcliff: 

"I'm at home now.. I've watching the recording and.."

"I almost shit my pants.. I ran as fast as I could"

"If you're watching this.. You had to have seen it too.."

"I'm so scared.. I-I'm.. What was that?"

"It looked like a human octopus.."

"It's such a dark figure.. I've got to share this.."

"This is Andrew.. investigating the disappearances.."

"[Heavy Breathing] I need to call.. Oh shit I'm still recording"

[End of Audio] 

Andrew Redcliff: 

"Okay so I just showed my little sister Molly the video.."

"I totally freaked her out! Now my Mom is pissed.."

"Molly keeps on telling her that a skinny man that haunts her"

"That's soo ridiculous.. Now my Mom wants me to throw away.."

"She wants me to throw away this video!"

"But I'm telling you.. I can make so many views from it!"

"Oh crap.. My Mom is coming towards my room.."

"Wait.. those footsteps.. They're too loud to be.." 

[End of Audio] 

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