Case 3 (Tape 2 of 22)

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[The following is an investigation of Tommy Lee, A nine year old from a farm a few miles away from Riverside] 

Investigator Waters: 

"The date is September 24th" 

"Can you tell us what it wanted from you?" 

Tommy Lee: 

"It just wanted me and my little brother to answer its question.."

Investigator Waters: 

"Can you tell us what that question was Tommy?"

Tommy Lee: 

"It asked.. It asked.. It... It... [Longer Pause]

Investigator Waters: 

"Tommy, you're safe now."

"The only way we can find your brother is if you tell us"

Tommy Lee: 

"It was hanging little Tony on the tree by his arms.."


"It asked him.. It asked him and he answered it wrong.."

"I was on the tree too.. I was hanging by my arms crying.."

"My little brother who I had to protect.. Daddy is Gon' be mad.."

[Heavy Crying]

Investigator Waters: 

"You're Father isn't going to hurt you, Tommy. You're safe"

Tommy Lee: 

"Tony answered it wrong and it.. It... It.."

"It shoved its fingers down his mouth"

"He gagged so loudly.. When It's hand was in his mouth"


Investigator Waters: 

"Tommy, can you tell me what happened to Tony?"

Tommy Lee: 

"I answered it right.. It let me go.. It let me go home.."

"When I look back.. It was too dark to see Tony"

"But I could still see it staring at me with its pale face"

"It didn't have eyes.. It didn't have a mouth"

"It didn't have a face!"

[End of Tape]  

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