Foreclosure of Molly's Case

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"It was a foggy morning, and I saw it take away the girl you call Molly. I saw it.. Only I saw it.. Every creature around me had no presence. He was wearing a black suit with a black tie. He's a creature that knew I was staring at him. When He turned his head.. When he stared at me with that emotionless face.. It's as if my nightmares had become reality, and reality had became a dream" -Witness 

"She was hugging the monster.. She was hugging him as if it were a teddy bear that was protecting her from any dangers.. He and Her just disappeared into the fog.. My mind had told me to chase after them to stop her from leaving. I've known Molly and she is easily spooked for a seven year old.. The only reason why Molly hugged him and I hadn't chased him.. It's because he wasn't a human.. He wasn't an animal.. He wasn't a creature." -Nieghbor of Molly Redcliff 

"When I got home, I could only see Andrew holding his knees tightly.. His chest had bruised from the pressure of his knees.. Oh my God.. I asked him where my Molly was [Crying] He says It took her away.. He said It took her away from him.. Oh my God." -Deborah Redcliff 

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