Case 1 (Tape 6 of 14)

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"This is detective Peters with witness Stuart Johnson.

This is the teacher that witnessed the being that supposedly kidnapped Jade Lin. "

Detective Peters: 

"So can you tell me what happened on May 23rd, after you ran out of your class?"

Stuart Johnson:

"I hear a commotion among the students.. They all heard screams.."

"So then I went to inspect the cause of the noise."

"I only saw Kelsie across the hallway.. It looked as if she collapsed on the floor"

"She then screamed for me to help Jade, but I hadn't see her."

"I only saw the most skinniest fingers squeezed together.."

[Long Pause]

Detective Peters: 

"What did the being wear exactly?"

Stuart Johnson:

"It wore.. It wore a suit... It was so tall.."

Detective Peters: 

"And you say it didn't have the figure of a human being?"

Stuart Johnson:

"Listen to me.. Me and Her saw something unnatural..."

"It's arms.. My God I've never seen any like it before.."

Detective Peters: 

"What exactly did you teach the students?" 

Stuart Johnson:

"I was in charge of science class.. I taught them the standard educati-"

"What does my profession have to do with anything?"

"I can only tell you that I only saw.. Clothes... in Its hands.."

"Its back was facing towards me.. It's as if It had a mental link with me.." 

"Like a butterfly teaches itself how to fly.. I just felt so much fear.."

"I didn't move towards Kelsie to help her.. It was an obstacle of fear"

"It was based on pure fear! But it had the actions of nothing.."

Detective Peters: 

"So you're saying you felt this being had no purpose at all?"

Stuart Johnson:

"It's like any animal.. but it doesn't think like one.."

"It needs to survive like us.. But it doesn't think like us.."

[End of Tape]  

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