Video Cameras Audio [Audio Part 20 of 25]

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Andrew Redcliff: 

"It's been one week since that video... It's coming closer to me.. I know it" 

"I just dropped out of school.. I've barely had any sleep"

"My mother blames me for Molly disappearing.." 

"They haven't found Daniel and his Father is looking for me"

"I just want to die.. Oh God.. I see it now.."

"Pale Face.. Oh no.. OH NO"

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHH [Haunting Screams]

[The identified noise of limbs being broken]  

[Leaves Crunching] 

"Mommy.. What do you m-m-mean.. I don't know.."

"[Static Noise]-Teen"

"That's the number.. NO"




[Low pitched sceamings]

[End of Audio] 

"Since the police have discovered this camera, it appears to have been smashed. Only the audio of the camera could be recovered. I'm slowly piecing together what this creature is. Apparently, it wears a dark suit, It has the figure that can vary from illuminating itself as a man to appearing as an octopus like man. This audio shall be stored away as a classified case of the disappearance of Andrew Redcliff.  

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