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Forced marriage (Not edited yet) by sarahs29
Forced marriage (Not edited yet)by sarahs29
"I'm gonna make things clear". He said walking slowly toward me as I took a few steps back. "I was forced into this too.". My back hit the wall as he...
  • older
  • age
  • gap
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Klance Fluff & Mature (Plus General) Pictures and Comics by kuraxmasha
Klance Fluff & Mature (Plus Genera...by kuraxmasha
Basically, I will post pictures and comics about Klance (aka my favorite shipping in the series) from Netflix Voltron. I do not own Voltron, its characters and the pictu...
  • gorgeous
  • keith
  • yaoi
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Welcome to my world: my creepypasta story by beronicagarcia
Welcome to my world: my creepypast...by Fnaf_is_love
This is my OC creepypasta story It's basically how my character became one of slenders proxys So I hope you guys enjoy (Yes I know I may not get many reads but I just...
  • origin
  • slender
  • scary
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Jack and Frost by HannahDunphy7
Jack and Frostby Hannah Dunphy
JACK and FROST --------------------- That's the difference between my sweet sweet Monica and I. I can't be alone. I can't dance without pants. I can't sing a song to mak...
  • story
  • funny
  • monica
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Young and Beautiful by padfootloveskittens
Young and Beautifulby padfootloveskittens
This is a little summary you could say about the tenth doctor and his life. I am hope you enjoy and I hope you comment :) I sadly don't own Doctor Who or it's characters.
  • short
  • man
  • lonely
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Alive by Jahamy
Aliveby jaime
He awoke from his comatose state only to find the end had already come to those around him. He was barely surviving his own thoughts as loneliness and brokenness took ov...
  • man
  • earth
  • alive
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Slender by FlameOfTheDragon
Slenderby Amanda
A dare turns horribly wrong for young Anna as she runs to save her life. Will she survive? Or will she become another victim to the infamous myth?
  • man
  • slender
  • suspense
Undead (On Hold, sorry) by RainbowsAndAll
Undead (On Hold, sorry)by Marleigh
People say that what's dead should stay dead. Sometimes that doesn't happen. Sometimes you wake up in your coffin and can't remember anything. Except for the attack, you...
  • man
  • coffin
  • pale
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The Time of Ghosts by PDViner
The Time of Ghostsby P. D. Viner
On February 7th 1989 Dani Lancing died... was killed. For 25 years her parents have tried to get over her death - by finding her killer. And Dani? She is trapped by her...
  • sad
  • wattys2014
  • ghost
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She is the Man of the House by MoreThanMeetsTheSky
She is the Man of the Houseby Charlotte
A poem. Please follow vote and share!
  • loss
  • feminist
  • spokenword
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Tightrope by DaughterofKingTeller
Tightropeby LindsGilbert
Tightrope Brantley meets a girl who is a ballet dancer, but isn't as innocent as she seems. What happens when he falls for her and he realizes their is a drastic age d...
  • baby
  • circus
  • love
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Có phải em mạnh mẽ nên em phải chịu cô đơn? by ChauJihee
Có phải em mạnh mẽ nên em phải chị...by SoJihee
Tâm sự chút thôi
  • tan
  • man
  • codon
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The Old Coot by xXCodeXx
The Old Cootby Adrienne Morse
They have their reasons for staying behind. Well, most of them. Some just...forget.
  • light
  • forgot
  • bright
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Aolani's Story by Savyx3
Aolani's Storyby Savy
Aolani is an R&B singer, with the almost perfect life. The only thing that she is missing is a man. Every man she has been with has disappointed her. Will she ever find...
  • man
  • aolani
  • woman
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