Prison of Fear: Journal of Denver Slight P.5

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"I've noticed the Stalker following me lately. Has it finally decided that I'd be a perfect target to take away? Of course it shall not take me away, as I do not fear it. I have no fears about these creatures, only instinct. That's an area of my expertise. A man without fear, yet he has one weakness. My weakness is mankind itself. Let's say a mob approaches me and blames me for the disappearances. They would then remove me from their village, from their society for ever. Of course reader, you shouldn't have to face this problem. If you've seen a stalker, you'll know that it is an object of fear." 

"I've finally crossed the thick of the forest to approach a new village! Apparently, there are only 34 residents currently residing in this village. They tell me to go to Riverside to investigate the being they call Slender. Are they speaking about the Stalker? I've read the diary of Sir Gillurn. It's quite interesting on how he portrayed him and his men being killed by this being. My question is, how did he write this if he was dead? Perhaps it was a Prison. For, it is the Prison that controls your sanity. I've noticed how it can make your naked eye see hallucinations. The eyes see what they believe, and it controls my belief. But alas, it's simply uneffective against myself."

"The village tells me that I'm haunted with a spirit. Well, of course I am you small minded folks! I have a prison following me, attempting to eat my sanity away. It's quite a journey, as I've said before. I'll never experience a journey like this. I bet you, as a reader of my journal is wondering. How old am I? I've forgotten my age long ago. But many say that I am very young looking. That's quite peculiar in this age. This age revolves around societys rules about how you must dress. Enough about society, I say. I must discover the next dimension. Soon, I shall enter the town of Riverside. Ghost Town, as many call it." 

-Denver Slight  

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