Case 3 (Tape 6 of 22)

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[The following is an investigation of Tommy Lee, A nine year old from a farm a few miles away from Riverside]

Investigator Waters: 

"The date is October 1st" 

"We've seen signs of Tommy trying to commit suicide"

"Such as no longer eating and asking for metal cutlery"

"Now Tommy, you have to speak me"

"What exactly was it?"

Tommy Lee: 

"It's a monster.. I told you that before"

Investigator Waters: 

"I need you to tell me what it was again"

Tommy Lee: 

"Why? So you can record this?"

Investigator Waters: 

"We've notice signs of the child's awareness increasing"

"It appears he now realises the situation he's been placed in"

"Tommy, can you tell me about your mother?"

Tommy Lee: 

"My mother died... Just like my little brother.."

"I'm going to be next"

"Just you watch.. It's coming for me"

Investigator Waters: 

"Tommy, what are you doing with your arm?"

"Someone get Tommy some restraints! He's trying to bite his wrist!"

[End of Tape]

Investigator Waters: 

"It appears that Tommy has ill mental health at this point."

"He says that he sees the 'Monster' behind the door"

"But when ever me or any of the guards look towards the door, we don't see anything"

"I believe that Tommy is hallucinating even worse"

"He says that it's holding out It's 'tentacle' appendages towards him"

"I'm going to have to investigate this further"

"But I do need approval from the head of investigation"

"Soon I believe this case will be turned to the F.B.I"

[End of Tape]  

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