Journal of Jeremy Kade Pt. 4

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I've met a local hunter. Apparently, he's been hunting what I've captured in my first photo. He says that it took away his child.. Now he wants me to write down everything he said. So I'm going to use you Journal to record what he tells me. -Jeremy 

Rule one, Don't look back. If you look back, you'll regret never turning forwards 

Rule two, No matter the time of day or location, He will find you

Rule three, It doesn't matter who you're with, he'll just take them too

Rule four, Stay FAR away from the forests

Rule five, Try and keep your sanity for as long as possible

Rule six, Always try to cover your mouth for the toxins of it

The Hunter calls it Slender. I'm not sure what to call it.. But it's horrible. I've seen it in my closet, I've heard it make moaning noises.. When I looked at its face, it looked as if it moved.. But it was so hard to study his face with the fear that struck my body. I felt so sick when it stared at me.. Such a blank face. It's like a sheet of paper with no content on it. The hunter now wants me to stop writing and to learn how to hold a rifle -Jeremy 

I'm still watching you. I'm going to get you. 

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