Case 4 (Tape 5 of 10)

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Denver Slight: 

"I'm glad you see the ways things are, Officer" 

Chief Kell: 

"Your journal.. I never read any other page but page six.."

Denver Slight: 

"I'm glad I told you about the previous pages.. Before you shot me"

Chief Kell: 

"You mean.. This creature that fit everyones description.."

"The Slenderman.."

Denver Slight: 

"Oh, and Mr. Officer."

"It's been watching us this entire time."

"Haha, too bad you can't see through the side of that window"

Chief Kell: 

"Officer Pelestan, investigate that area"

"Listen, I've been under great distress.."

"But after I looked at your drawings, I realize.."

"No hard feelings.. Right?"

Denver Slight: 

"You can't trust the government if you can't trust yourselves."

Officer Pelestan: 


"[Violent Screaming]" 

[Loud Footsteps]

Chief Kell: 

"Oh my God.. Denver help!

"Denver stop this thing!"


[Cracking Sounds]


"[Violent Screaming]"

Denver Slight: 

"Quite a shame the prison didn't get to you first.. Chief." 

"I wonder if there are other police departments in this large town" 

"Oh my.. How wonderful. A tape I can record my voice on" 

"That way I won't have to waste my ink on this paper.." 

"What are you staring at? Have fun with the Chief." 

[End of Tape] 

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