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Newspaper, Issue #1

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Joe Hanson Column: 

"The current amount of missing individuals exceeds six hundred. We've investigated a lot. From videos, to disturbing audio. The creature that we're currently searching for is called Slenderman, or Stalker from the locals. He's now becoming an internet sensation on the internet. More children than adults have gone missing in the past week. Even more reports on his current description, as well. If you have any further information on the Slenderman, please send me an email at JoeHanson@Newpaper4u.com" 

Witness Reports:  

"My name is Stuart Renson. I've met plenty of suspect with names I cannot reveal that have seen this creature. Now I believe he exists, although I haven't seen him. I'd appreciate it if you continued with your investigation on this creature. Although most locals believe this creature to be dangerous, I still think he's harmless and maybe a sick person wearing a sock over his head. Again, I thank you for writing this column. I'd love to help you as well Joe, but I'm currently busy with an investigation at the station."

"My name is Slenderman. My surname is I'mgonnagetyou."

"Hey Joe, I think you should rest this case. It'll most likely end your career. I'm surprised your last column didn't!"

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