Case 3 (Tape 5 of 22)

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[The following is an investigation of Tommy Lee, A nine year old from a farm a few miles away from Riverside]

Investigator Waters: 

"The date is September 30th"

"Now when you were calling out Daddy"

"Were you calling for the creature, or your Father"


"Tommy, you're going to have to speak to me"

"It's been about five days since we've had Tommy"

"My name is Morgan Waters:  

"I was in charge of both cases of both Tommy, and Tracy."

"We're currently trying to find any extra copies of Case 1"

"We believe that someone destroyed most of those copies"

"The station is going to find out what exactly is the creature"

"The creature that's responsible for the disappearances"

"And now I believe that Tommy is seeing hallucinations.."

"Hallucinations of this creature he calls monster."

"He says that any other monster, he can hide under his covers"

"But this is a monster that he can't hide from"

"Now Tommy, can you tell me what it wants with you?"

Tommy Lee: 

"It wants to take me away from.. [Long Pause]" 

Detective Waters: 

"We're done with this session."

[End of Tape]  

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