Video Cameras Audio [Audio Part 1 of 25]

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Andrew Redcliff:

"This is Andrew Redcliff, live on camera."

"I'm looking into the mystery of the disappearance of Leah, Rice and Danny."

"I'm a student from Riverside in my first year."

"I am fifteen years old and excited!" 

[Foot Steps]

[Wind Static]  

"So far, these woods have been so silent.." 

[Leaves Crunching]

"It's as if the wind has stopped blowing.. Weird"

"So far everything seems odd."

"Normally in these woods.. You'd hear the birds.."

"I grew up near these woods.. Hmm"

"If you're watching this, don't be bored."

"I'm going to find something! And then post it on the Internet!"

[Wind Static]

"The wind is messing with my camera.. Oh my Goodness.."


"Oh God.. Oh God.."

"It's.. Tall.. OH SHIT" 

[Wind Static] [Running Noise]

[End of Audio] 

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