The Diary of Ser Gillurn

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"The creature had approached us. We had drawn our swords to aim it towards the creature. It had a disturbing presence that the men could feel within their sense. I had stood in front of all of them, staring at the creature without face. It was taller than any giant I had ever seen; Its hands reached out towards us with such promise. It was such as that was our fall, shortly after one of us charged towards it. Some would call this creature a monster amongst man kind. I call this creature worse than anything I've seen in my own two eyes. The most disturbing feature about this creature was such promise in its hands that reached out towards us. Children had gone missing since I've stared into the eyes of the creature. But the creature didn't have eyes.. It had less of a face. No mouth. It had the figure of a monster, yet the hands of a father. We all had charged towards the creature after the first man. Our armor was transparent  against its bony fingers.. It pierced our flesh until its fingers touched our hearts. They all died around me as I continued to swing my blade towards the creature." -Ser Gillurn 

[Ser Gillurn had fallen against his own blade, with his diary clenched within his arms. Legend has it, that the whereabouts of his men were unknown since his death] 

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