Ask/Dare The Creepypastas! (REQUESTS CLOSED) by Vikingmetaltoby
Ask/Dare The Creepypastas! ( V҉M҉T҉o҉b҉y҉
Smile Dog: Hey reader. I know you see this book. Click it! Arf! Click it now! We all want to talk with you! Arf! Ask us questions! Arf! Pleaseeee! Arf! Come here! Arf- S...
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Lost Marionette (Puppeteer x reader) by Darkdoll7
Lost Marionette (Puppeteer x Darkdoll7
You are a girl who loves the beauty of marionette dolls and love to dress in Lolita. But you are forced living at home with a drunk dad and a abusive stepmom, but what h...
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CreepyPasta Parent Scenarios by KatrinaDragon58
CreepyPasta Parent Scenariosby ✧・゚: * 𝕂𝕒𝕥𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕒 *:・゚✧
*Due to technical difficulties I've put this book on hold (As of July 12/2018) until further notice.* Because psycho murderers would make great parents, don't ya think...
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Give it a Week (Slenderman X Reader) by brokensamurai
Give it a Week (Slenderman X brokensamurai
Slenderman X Reader. Y/N is a girl who is living on her own but hides that fact from everyone. She works as a teacher in an elementary building, loves the creepypastas...
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Daughter Of A Pasta by AngelHall6
Daughter Of A Pastaby DemonAngel
[OC x Creepypasta] One day Slenderman is walking through his woods when he noticed something was off. He soon found out the problem was a dying woman with a small baby g...
  • offendormen
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The Forgotten Proxy.  by CrimsonBlood__
The Forgotten Proxy. by You’reInMyWorldNow
BOOK ONE IN THE PROXY SERIES. Book 2: the Rejected proxy #20 in creepy pasta and #4 in the slenderman category on 10/5/18 Cover by; @Liv_Da_Queen Y/N is the forgotten pr...
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Don't Take the Rose (Sexual Offenderman X Reader) by Eyeless_Jack02
Don't Take the Rose (Sexual Eyeless Jack
(Y/N) was only a 17 year old girl. Your father would rape you every other night because of your mother's death. And when you weren't being raped you were beaten and abus...
  • trenderman
  • abuse
  • splenderman
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Jeff the Killer x Reader by Silent_One19
Jeff the Killer x Readerby speechless
Your parents are killed, but you killed the killer. What if the Creepypastas are impressed by your killing skills? What will happen if you met the bad boy, Jeff the Kill...
  • jeffthekiller
  • fanfiction
  • creepypasta
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Jeff the Killer X blind reader  by J_THE_K
Jeff the Killer X blind reader by J_THE_K
so this is written on deviantart and the author does not have a wattpad I AM NOT THE AUTHOR! but this book is to good not to share on wattpad. it was on here for a while...
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Slender man x reader lemon by MonsterQueen3
Slender man x reader lemonby MonsterQueen3
This is my first lemon you guys can tell me how I do and I take request
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Their Puppet...Creepypasta X Reader by naluyoutuber1
Their Puppet...Creepypasta X Readerby Proxy Ash
(Y/n) (L/n) The girl with two eye colors. She does everything anyone told her to. She got bullied cause of it, abused, made fun of and beaten yet she still does whatever...
  • bullying
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  • ticcitoby
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She's Mine. (Creepypasta x Reader Fanfiction) by AwkwardSunset
She's Mine. (Creepypasta x CupcakeMcFrost
My name is Y/N, and I guess you can say I'm not normal. I met Slenderman one day, while running through the woods, and since then my whole world changed. The reason I'...
  • zalgo
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Ticci Toby X Reader: She Is Diffrent... by heyluddy
Ticci Toby X Reader: She Is Kitteh
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My Hostile Little Demon    [ Creepypasta x Shadow! Demon(?)! reader ] by Deltanation_X_Anne
My Hostile Little Demon [ ∞ᴍᴇʟᴀɴᴄʜᴏʟʏ∞
[•EDITING] • • • • You were emotionless... you didn't know how to feel... you didn't know where or how you got to the mortal world... but you did... you had no memories...
  • slenderman
  • gore
  • reader
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Slenderman x Reader by EmilySkelewolf
Slenderman x Readerby BrownENH
You were half 'slender person'. This was due to your father marrying a 'slender' women. She was killed and that left your father to raise you. You both were so connected...
  • creepypasta
  • cursing
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Creepypasta x youTuber reader by SleepyDragonFly
Creepypasta x youTuber readerby ivy
So hey guys I'm doing this book cause I think there is not enough of this books so yeah hope you like it and yeah
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Dressed Like The Perfect Groom (Slenderman x reader) by Lost_Amber
Dressed Like The Perfect Groom ( Amberonii
Another fall sweeped over your town. The colors in the trees were brown, red, orange and....white? Wait a second....that wasn't a leaf....
  • completed
  • romance
  • carnival
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You know what screw it I'm making one! Well you are normal girl with a normal life...well your not exactly normal you have a strange thing that no one else hav...
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Jeff the killer x Child reader by FlawlessMistake7
Jeff the killer x Child readerby FlawlessMistake7
There aren't many stories like this, so I decided why not? this story is about a child named Y/N who gets adopted by the creepypastas. (No photos are mine, unless said o...
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CreepyPasta x Reader  by kasumi-Okazaki
CreepyPasta x Reader by kasumi-Okazaki
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