The Fire Of Horror

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The towns children were caught in the fire. We tried to fight it with everything we had.. And in the end the fire was burnt out. The children were dancing around a tall creature. It was too dark to see what it was wearing.. I can only describe its face. It was a very skinny man with a face that I'll never forget. I am scarred for life seeing my children dance around this man. The other parents of their children aren't alive anymore. The children never burned.. We never found any remains. They all disappeared.. But we saw them dancing around him. His face was completely white, and didn't have any facial features. He only have the shape of a face that appeared to move as they danced around him. They were giggling around him.. His arms almost reached the ground. But it was too dark to see what he was wearing.. I had read the journal of Ser Gillurn and I do believe this is what he encountered. As I write this, I am prepared to face this being with everything I have. Me and my friends are prepared to kill this creature for vengeance. The fire didn't kill my children.. The fire didn't kill any of our children. We were all so disturbed to see it in the fire.. It's as if it was the devil in disguise. But it wasn't.. It couldn't have been. Could it have? -A piece of paper recovered from the burnt home of an unknown man. 

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