The Amateur Poem of Deceased

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"I'm writing on this sheet of paper.. I wanted to make a poem to whoever is going to read this. I know this monster is coming after me.. In call it 'Beast' because of its motives. I wrote something about it.. on this sheet of paper that I'm going to tape to this one. Don't ask me where I got the tape, okay? I broke into my step Dad's house to get it. I know it's going to get me where ever I go. Oh, and don't ask me how I know you're going to read my peom.. I don't know who is. I just hope someone will. You can call me Deceased. It's going to get me. I know it.. If you are even reading this.. This sheet of crumpled up paper.. If you see the Beast, there's no escape. There's none. None." 



I can sense his presence 

But no one can see him, 

I'm walking in the forests so deep, 

I hear the wind die as he begins to creep, 

Not an animal, not a wolf among the sheep, 

Having dreams when I'm not asleep, 

It's night time so it's not a daydream

So it's a nightmare; My lungs scream 

My heartbeat skips; But not my delusion, 

The wind doesn't speak as my legs are cruisin' 

I'm running away from the forest at top speed, 

Suburban jungle can't hide me from the beast- 

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