Prison of Fear: Journal of Denver Slight P.4

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"Now I've witnessed the face of a Prison. It's a little girl that looks exactly like the Stalker. IT doesn't have a face. IT looks exactly like a stalker. I shall stop writing about this comparison. I'm so fascinated! This will be the discovery of this year. It has the hair that Tanya told me about. It's attempted to place my sanity in its prison.. My mind is so excited, I should stop writing! The next entry- I shall explain what if looks like, my readers." 

"It has the raven hair of a crow, It has the face of a stalker, yet it wears the dress of a little girl. This dress appears to have been made years before I was born. The Prison is a spirit that only I can see for now. It's chosen my sanity to trap. But it's going to fail, as I predict. I'm simply different from human beings, yet I'm in the body of a human being. I have the interest of one who has no fear, but I have the methods of a human being. Curiosity is that method, and it keeps me following these beings. It's quite a journey going across from village to city. Anyways, I hope you all know what this little girl looks like. I'll describe its face for you, Reader. It has no nose, it has no mouth, it has no eyes. It only has the shape of a face. It doesn't appear to be moving like the stalkers face, though. Quite odd indeed." 

"I've lost interest in being in this prison that it's shown me. When you're in this prison, you see the world just like you would in a carnival. Everything looks to be appealing, but everything is not. Once you realise the situation you're in, you see 'demonic' faces on every human being. It appears this spirit has a connection to the dead. I know that it is not an entity of fear, but a spirit that feasts on it. Of all the mysteries I've investigated, I've never seen one like this. I shall continue discovering new paths that the Prison follows. Wish me good luck, Reader!" 

-Denver Slight  

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