Case 4 (Tape 2 of 10)

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Chief Kell: 

"Now son, I've read page six of your journal" 

"It said that you knew what a Slenderman was"

"So can you tell me what it exactly is?"

Denver Slight: 

"I've written down everything I've known. I was expecting this situation.."

Chief Kell: 

"Oh, is that so? You should know how we do things here"

"We're not a town that accepts ghosts like you walking in"

Denver Slight: 

"Haha, is that so Mr. Officer?"

"You've allowed these creatures to take away your fellow officers."

"I've noticed that there are less and less people near the entrance towards the woods"

Chief Kell: 

"Now are you trying to act smart on me, Boy?"

"You should learn some manners. And heck.. your eyes are so sunken"

"Don't you get sunlight?"

Denver Slight: 

"I've had plenty of sunlight these past couple of days."

Chief Kell: 

"Now can you tell me where you were on October 3rd?"

Denver Slight: 

"I was picking berries a few forests away from your town"

"The moonlight faced me, and I was being hunted by a hound"

Chief Kell: 

"Are you playing with me, Son? You should learn some respect"

Denver Slight: 

"You're the one who asked the question. Alas, I provide the answers."

"Now if you're not satisfied with my answers, you should ask someone else"

Chief Kell: 

"We're keeping him here. Did you get his finger prints yet Officer Pelestan?"

Officer Pelestan: 

"Not yet. We'll get to it right away"

[End of Tape]  

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