Video Cameras Audio [Audio Part 3 of 25]

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Andrew Redcliff: 

"When I looked outside of my rooms door towards the footsteps.." 

"I felt really sick.. And my legs were shaking violently" 

"I didn't even have to strength to call out for my Mom"

"I was so scared.. But when I looked behind the door there was nothing there"

"I've been watching my recording over and over again.. listening to the footsteps"

"They were definitley too loud to be my Sister or my Mom.."

"I'm getting ready to go to school.. But I feel so scared"

"I have to walk on the edge of the forest to get to school"

"And now I think it's going to get me.. I only saw a dark figure but."

"Maybe it really was just a film error.. But those footsteps.."

[End of Audio]

Andrew Redcliff: 

"I showed my friends some footage"

"Thank God the teachers didn't find out I brought my camera"

"My friends want to go with me to the woods tonight.."

"Like in the dark.. I'm only going to because it'll make me popular"

"Although I'm not going to show any of you this video.."

"I'm not a chicken.. I'll go out there by myself tonight."

[End of Audio]

Andrew Redcliff: 

"[Static] Here, and it appea- [Static]"

I'm here in July 14th, and I'm ready to set off on a journey"

"Hello Youtube! This is yours truly, Andrew Redcliff."

"My camera is going to record footage of this creature.."

"Here I go!"

[Leaves crunching] (Fifteen minutes of silence)

"So far there's been no sight of it.. I feel as if I'm deep in the woods"

"How long have I been walking?"

"Anyways, I'm going to shut off the camera.. I'm almost out of batteries"

"I'll view the footage tomorrow"

"Good night youtube"

[Leaves crunching heavily]

[End of Audio]

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