Chapter 15 - He told he was never looking for a friend

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"It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone, and I need you now, said I wouldn't call but I lost all control and I need you now, and I don't know how I can do without, I just need you now," Niall sings as he plays his guitar.. he came all this way and now he's singing for Me?

Does he miss me?

He smiles as I look down at him. He continues to strum chords on his guitar until he walks away from my view and I look around for him until I feel two arms wrap round my waist from behind me and pick me up spinning me round. I laugh as he smiles as he puts me down.

"I missed you too much," he whispers and kisses me slowly, his guitar on the bed.

"So you sang me a song?" I ask and he smiles with a blush.

"You said you'd like to hear me play," he says and he remembers that? Wow.

"You remember that?" He nods and Gemma comes in with a cup of coffee for me.

"Here you go Haz, hey Niall," she says like it's normal. He waves slightly to her before turning his attention to me.

"I'd like to try again," he says confidently, "With you.. I mean... For real this time.. not some- sick- joke- ugh, I'll shut up!" I smile and giggle a little as he fiddles with his fingers nervously.

"What do you mean?" I ask and I just wanna hear him say it, I know evil right.

"Like.. umm... I'm not ever very good at this," he laughs in a nervously cute way and looks at the ground and he must be thinking of what to say. Then he looks back up and sighs, "Would you...I mean.. Will you.. no.. umm oh for fucks sake, just be my boyfriend!" He gets frustrated with himself and did I hear that correctly?

"Y-you want me to what?" His eyes search mine and he steps forward wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me closer.

"Look.. I was never looking for a friend.. or a fuck buddy," he laughs a little making me smile, "just me my boyfriend?" He asks and I nod smiling like a fucking idiot, those words are what I've always wanted to hear.

He smiles as he kisses me and I feel the passion he's putting into one kiss.

So lets retake the steps of what has happened today. I went to visit Niall, then he came to my house singing me a song and then asked me to be his boyfriend. This isn't my life... This isn't real. I'm dreaming?

Well Niall's lips on mine say differently. He's mine and I'm his.

That's kinda awesome.

I've always wanted this!! And now it's in my reach, I took that shit and I'm gonna embrace it.

His hands wraps around my waist even more and he pulls us impossibly close.

His nose rests against mine and he smiles.

"I'm gonna take you on holiday," he says and what? Oh my god, I hardly ever go on holiday... This is so exciting!!

"Where to?" I ponder and he laughs.

"Wherever you want," he's giving me the option? I don't know where to to go, oh come on!

"Ummmm... I've never been to Disney world?"

"Are you shitting me?! I'm taking you to Disney World! Like wow, I'll book it for two weeks time.. I have a game on Sunday so yeah.. you can come watch yeah?" He says with wide eyes.

"Course I can... I liked to watch my pretend boyfriend Niall to play but now.. I can- I can watch my real boyfriend Niall play!" He laughs and shakes his head and I swear I hear him say 'so cute'.

"Yep.. I'll cya round cutie," I blush as he rubs my cheek and pecks my lips one more time.

"You could stay?" I ask but more want him to stay with me.

"Are you sure?" He asks and I nod.

"I want you to stay here with me tonight please!" I beg and he looks at my single bed.

"We're meant to fit in that?" He asks with a cute laugh.

"We can sleep on the couch double bed down stairs you twat!" I slap his muscled arm and that hurt my hand more than it hurt him. He laughs as I hold my hand in pain.

"Awww sorry babe.. my muscles too hard for your hand??" He coos and I wanna slap him. But instead he hugs me and then quickly puts me over his shoulder and throws me down on the bed and leans down kissing me. I guess we'll sleep here then.

I smile into the kiss and he deepens it and yes we're gonna snog again! Bitches be hatin!!

I part my lips and he slips his tongue in my mouth and explores everywhere. He moans, like fuck that's a hot noise that's probably going to turn me on and that'll be awkward. He moans again as my tongue grazes across his.

And I'm getting turned on now this is bad, I can't take a shower. He needs to keep kissing me or stop moaning because I wanna record that shit and listen to it forever.

"Harry," He hovers above me and I'm confused at what he's smirking at.

"Yeah?" I ask and then realisation hits me. Oh shit

"Are you hard?" He laughs and bites his lip. I blush at a increasing rate as I move around tryna get rid of it. That is until he starts to grind against me.

"Fuck, Niall," he leans down and kisses my neck up slowly as he moves his hips and now I can feel that he's hard too... He's clearly bigger than me... That doesn't make me feel bad about myself at all!

"Hmmm," he moans and I'm not even kidding when I say I wanna record it.

"Niall... close," I warn and he grinds down harder and that's what does it for me, and then he makes possibly the sexiest noise a human can make as he comes, and I got to hear it!! AND SEE HIS ORGASM FACE.

"Fuck," he whispers and breaths heavily.

"Now I feel like a thirteen year old because I came in my pants," I laugh and nod in agreement and that's kinda how it feels.

"I need a shower," I push him off me and laugh when he makes grabby hands for me to come back.

"Nope.. I need to clean up because somebody made my pants a mess," I glare at him and he raises his eyebrows smirking.

"Can I come with you?"

"I'm pretty sure you just did," He scowls and stands up taking my hand and dragging me into the bathroom. He takes his shirt off and if I get to see him fully naked as we shower.. yeah we're showering together.


After a long shower with Niall of manly giggling and laughing at the funny things you can do with soap, we're clean!

"Your shower is really nice," Niall says as she wraps the towel round his waist. Leaving just his v lines visible.

"I know.. I like the jets in there," I say and get an eyeful of Niall.

"Getting an eyefull styles?" He teases

"I can and I will," I say looking at his toned body.

"It's alright.. I stared at your ass in the shower!" He says smugly and grabs his clothes putting them back on, borrowing some of my boxers.

"Lets go get some crackers!" I announce and feel my stomach rumble.

"But.. you just ate," Niall says pointing to the plate on my desk.

"So?" He laughs and follows me holding my hand down the stairs.. I'm so happy he's back.

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