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It was the day they were returning home and Niall and Liam were packing their holiday belongings. Liam was in their bedroom, rummaging through their drawers for a lost (and very expensive) watch.

"Ni, are you sure it's here? I can't find it!" Liam called to Niall downstairs. "I dunno, maybe Kian took it!" Niall called back and Liam groaned, running a hand through his damp hair- as he was just out the shower. He was about to close the drawers when his eyes caught a small, velvet square box.

Frowning, he took it in his hands and sat at the edge of the bed, opening in the box. A silver ring glinted inside the box, with the words I Promise written in italic writing at the back. Liam couldn't help smiling down at it, memories flooding through his mind.

"Ni, can you come up here a sec?" Liam called. He could hear Niall groaning from downstairs, as he was currently trying to get Katy ready. He heard his footsteps trudge up the stairs and minutes later, the door opened. Niall stood in the doorway, dressed in a plain blue t-shirt and black jeans. His his hair was flat and fluffy under a matching blue snapback.

"Look what I found," Liam spoke softly, grinning as he seemed quite proud of his discovery. Niall sat down next to him on the bed, taking the band in his fingers. "I haven't thought about that in ages." Liam admits, glancing at the ring.

"Yeah. I kept it here last time we were here. Y'know, with the twins running around and that- I didn't want them to get suspicious." Niall admits with a shrug and Liam nods in understanding.

"I remember when I gave that to you." Liam grins and Niall laughs. "Yeah, at your cousins wedding." Niall nodded. "And then months later you threw it at chest, saying you didn't want it anymore..." Liam trails off, thinking of the dark and horrible memories.

"We were really young then." Niall reminds him. "Mhmm." Liam smiled weakly as Niall placed the ring back in the box, shutting it close. "We're so much stronger now than what we were back then." Niall said and Liam smiled lovingly, kissing his temple. Liam takes the box out of Niall's hands and places it back in the drawers.

There was the sudden sound of thudding footsteps and Kian and Katy barge through the door. Both of them are out of breath and panting, dressed in their raincoats and wellies - which Niall had been trying to get the pair to do for the past half hour.

Niall gives them a questionable look. "W-we thought you didn't like us anymore daddy, because we were being naughty- so we decided to be good." Kian beamed, zipping up his jacket for good measure. Niall chuckled, Kian running into his open arms as he sits in his lap. "I could never not like you guys." Niall assured them, kissing Kian's cheek. Kian beamed, clapping his hands and as an oversized watch fell down his wrist and Liam chuckled.

"I'll take that." Liam smirks, unwrapping the watch from his wrist. "I just wanted to be like you, papa." Kian blushed and Liam laughed, ruffling his hair. "You're more like Liam than you think." Niall promises, squeezing his arm and the twins scampered off.


It was the time of Liam's birthday again and Niall and Liam had decided to go out for a run in the morning summer sun, leaving the twins with granny Karen. They ran off down London, heading to Hyde Park in shorts and training shoes. They both jogged past elderly folk, families with push chairs and jogged past Buckingham Palace- which looked beautiful under the sun rise.

Liam was panting as they came to the park, out of breath and panting. "Okay, okay, I give up." Liam panted, catching up with his husband as he pulled on him, slowing him down. Niall was laughing cheekily, a devilish smirk on his face. "Getting old, are we?" Niall teased, which wasn't something you wanted to hear on your 30th birthday.

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