Chapter 4.

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Liam woke up to the sound of vomiting and he groaned, turning over on to Nialls side of the bed and tossing his pillow over his head to block the noise. But even though Liam had tried to block out the horrible retching sounds, it was still faint and muffled and worrying Liam to no end.

He finally gave in and sauntered after Niall for the third time that week. They were both sleep-deprived (maybe Niall a little more than Liam) and Niall was hungry as hell because every time he ate, his stomach decided to puke it back up. Niall and Liam had somehow formed into some sort of routine. It involved Niall getting up in the morning to be sick, then Niall and Liam engaging in an intense argument about Niall being stubborn and Liam not being allowed to take him to the doctors. The argument lasted for about half an hour each morning because Liam simply grew tired of it and went to sleep on the couch.

Right now, it was Niall who lay curled up and asleep on the couch, his arms covering his slightly rounded stomach as he shivered from the cold. The stomach situation slightly bothered Liam. Ever since Niall pointed it out to him that one time in the bathroom, he had done plenty of research when Niall wasn't looking but not one explanation came close to Nialls condition. He just didn't understand it. How could Niall gain weight even though he hadn't been eating anything? And it wasn't an awful lot of weight, it was only a few pounds, but it was enough to make Liam worry more and more.

After a lot of pacing the length of the kitchen, thinking hard as he bit his nails, he finally gave in and went to fetch for Niall. He sat down at the edge of his feet and shook his legs slightly. "Niall?" Liam called softly and Niall stirred in reply, groaning as he sat up. Which was odd. Niall was never one for a light sleeper. It was always Liam who woke up first and it was bloody difficult to wake up Niall in the first place.

"I'm taking you to the doctors," Liam confirmed and Niall moaned. "No, Niall, listen to me. Don't you want to see where this is going? Don't you want to know what's making you ill, before you get even worse? We can find out today. Niall, we've been arguing for three days straight and it isn't getting us anywhere. Please, let me help you. I won't keep bugging you after this, I promise." Liam pleaded, squeezing Nialls hand reassuringly.

Niall thought long and hard. If he was perfectly honest, he did want to know why he was so ill all the time but he wouldn't dare admit that to Liam, he was too stubborn to do so. And at least, if he went to doctors, they'd find a cure for this sort of illness. They always do. Niall was relying on them. "All right," Niall sighed, feebly standing up and Liam was surprised to see Niall give in so quickly but he didn't bother to push his luck.

Liam helped Niall to the car and they drove off in silence to the medical centre. "Hello, I'm here to make an appointment for like, right this second." Liam began, rushed as he clung tightly on to his husband.

"I'm sorry, sir, we're a bit tight on schedule today and I'm afraid you're going to have to arrange a future appointment like everyone else." The woman at the reception smiled fondly. Niall almost sighed with relief when Liam began to protest automatically. "It's kind of urgent." He persuaded, indicating to a sick Niall. The woman looked Niall up and down, taking in his pale green and gaunt face. "Oh, right. Well, I'll see if I can get an appointment for you to see Dr Baxter right away." She decided, heading for the phone.

Liam beamed after they were both told to sit at the patient waiting area, amongst the other sick folk. They were finally called by Dr Baxter herself and taken into her room.

"Right, boys, what seems to be the problem?" She asked kindly, sitting herself at her desk. Liam nodded encouragingly to Niall, who heaved a deep sigh. "I've been really sick lately and haven't been able to keep anything down." Niall admitted typically and Dr Baxter nodded knowingly.

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