Chapter 27.

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Harry arrived at Niall and Liam's house and rang the door bell. His eyebrows knotted together when he didn't get a reply after a few minutes. He knew Liam was at work but he at least expected Niall to answer the door. He thought that maybe Niall had overslept but even Niall wouldn't sleep until three o'clock in the afternoon, even if he was pregnant.

Harry tried again, this time chapping their letter box. Still no answer. Harry was genially concerned now. "Niall, are you in there?" Harry called, chapping the door again. No answer. Harry sighed deeply, deciding that Niall was probably asleep when he thought better of it. No. It wasn't like Niall to fall asleep like that.

Sighing impatiently, contemplating in what to do, he lifted up the letter box which he regretted seconds later. He found Niall lying sprawled at the landing, his arms and legs twisted in angle that made Harry feel physically sick. He was surrounded by drawers from a dresser and it looked like one of the drawers had fallen on top of his arm. It was a sight Harry wished he never saw.

"Shit." Harry cursed lowly and began to panic. He paced the length of the porch as he dialled Liam's number. He knew Liam was at work but this was clearly an emergency. It took a couple of seconds to ring and Harry couldn't help sighing with relief as he heard Liam's familiar voice.

"Hey, Harry-"

"Liam, it's Niall." Harry gulped, running a hand through his messy hair. Their was a short pause, Liam recognising Harry's panicked tone. "What's wrong with him?" Harry could hear the hesitation in Liam's voice as he spoke, the tension rising.

"He's had an accident, he's...he's fell down the stairs." Harry explained, taking a peek through the letter box again in hope that what he saw, he'd imagined it but no. Niall was still as lifeless as ever.

Liam gulped dryly at the other end of the line, his body trembling with her. "Phone and ambulance, I'm on my way. And ask for Dr Baxter when you get to the hospital." Liam added and Harry frowned.

"Liam, how do I get in? I need to see Niall."

"There's a spare key under the plant on the porch. I'll meet you at the hospital." Liam demanded and the phone line went dead. Harry gasped and dived for the plant pot, inserting the key in the key whole seconds later with shaky hands.

He finally entered the house and went for Niall, removing the drawer off of his arm firstly. When that was set aside, he got down on his knees beside Niall and checked for a pulse at his neck. Nothing. "Shit." Harry repeated, his palms suddenly becoming sweaty and his berth coming out in short puffs.

Clutching the phone in between his ear and shoulder after phoning for an ambulance, he tucked a cushion from the couch under Nialls neck and removed the sweater over his head as he was roasting hot.

He then placed one hand over the other and placed them over Nialls chest and performed CPR, gently blowing as much air in his mouth as possible. "Come on, Niall. Stay with me." Harry encouraged even though he knew it was probably pointless by now.

"Niall, come on. You gotta keep that heart beating. You hear me?" Harry begged and he gasped when Niall suddenly started coughing and spluttering, his body giving a horrible jolt and he gasped as his eyes shot open and Harry pulled away from him, bringing his knees up to his chest. Harry's heart was hammering against his shirt as Niall glanced over at him.

His eyes wondered over the mess before him and he perched himself up a little, wincing in pain before lying back down again. "...You probably have a concussion." Harry spoke awkwardly and Nialls eyebrows knotted together.

"What happened to me?" Niall asked breathlessly and Harry gulped. "You fell down the stairs, trying to move heavy furniture I'm guessing." Harry explained and Niall blushed at his words. "Liam's gonna kill me." He whimpered a little and Harry frowned at him. Harry watched as Niall placed a shaky around his bloated belly and let out a panicked gasp.

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