Chapter 34.

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Liam slipped his hand around Nialls waist while he made breakfast. "You nervous babe?" He sympathised. It was the day of the hearing for the restrained order against Luke, which meant facing him for the first time since the hospital incident. He hadn't seen him since.

"Why wouldn't I be? I'm about to see my ex who's stalked me for the past four months," Niall replied impatiently and Liam sighed, standing behind and Niall kissing the side of his neck softly. "I suppose it's okay to be nervous but you don't need to me. You have me." Liam assured him, squeezing his arm lightly.

"And that's all I'll ever need." Niall smiled and Liam grinned, kissing Niall on the cheek before heading for the fridge. Liam took a sip of water, gazing at Niall. A new feeling of guilt had formed in the pit of his belly and it was mainly to the fact that Harry never got to see Niall last week when he knew he wanted to.

He knew he shouldn't be keeping Harry from seeing his best friend, he trusted him. Harry was Liam's best friend too. "Hey, Ni." Liam started and Niall turned round with raised eyebrows. "Maura's invited everyone to a celebration dinner at The Ivy tonight after the hearing, once we get the restraining order, my family as well." Liam explained and Niall nodded.

"Okay." Niall shrugged, turning back round. Liam pursed his lips a little, annoyed. "I was thinking maybe we could invite Harry? Y'know he's been quite alone lately, with Louis being out and all." Liam suggested subtly and Niall hummed in reply.

"Yeah, why not." Niall nodded in approval and Liam smiled, satisfied.

Around an hour later, Niall was finally dressed. It wasn't much, but it was smart enough for a hearing. He was dressed in a pair of slouched jeans and a white top with a blazer over it to keep him warn. Niall couldn't bend down as such anymore so he had asked Liam to tie his shoelaces of his converse.

Liam stood up, the proximity close between Niall and Liam. "I'm here for you babe." Liam reminded him and Niall smiled softly, feeling all flutter inside. "All right lovebirds, let's go!" It was Preston, letting them know that their car was there.

Liam pecked Niall on the cheek gently before taking his hand, guiding him out the house.

At the court where the hearing took place, Niall and Liam were led down a long corridor that sent them to the chamber. They were greeted by their lawyer (which Niall had managed to pay for during his days of fame due to crazy paps) and they took their seats on the benches.

The judge was present in a white wig and black cloak on the high desk and Luke's lawyer and his family were sitting on the benches in the middle. But Luke wasn't there at all. Nialls heart was racing.

Liam took Nialls hand and squeezed it tightly, letting him know he was there. The judge cleared his throat and Niall looked up.

"On the 20th of November, the Horan-Payne family requested a restrained order against Luke Summerfield regarding a few incidents of stalking. Is that correct?"

"Yes, your Honour."

"These incidents involve Luke appearing at his house four years ago to get back together with him, only resulting Niall in hospital from a near-death experience.

"An anonymous journalist who wishes not to speak her name made a statement about Luke admitting to have followed Niall the past couple of months, finding out information of Nialls past so he could tip of the journalist. The journalist also added that she apologises for the article she wrote and it was never meant to hurt the pair of you," the judge added and Niall felt couldn't help hut feel a little more relaxed, despite his nerves.

"This, however, goes to the following event of the newspaper article being released at the beginning of October, providing information about your past life and the article has now been removed the section and has been classed as biased and invalid information and a breach of confidential information and the journalist is now under suspension dude to invasion of privacy amongst celebrities."

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