Chapter 44.

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Niall was on his phone the next morning as he sat on the bar stool, his fingers tapping rapidly as he tried to answer as much questions from fans from last nights show.

"You look like you're having fun," Liam teased, standing behind Niall and setting his hand on Nialls hip, kissing his cheek softly. "Actually, I'm just dying to get this over with." Niall admitted and Liam nodded knowingly, sipping from a carton of milk from the fridge before placing it back where it belonged.

"That's kind of why I gave in at the end, with the Alan Carr show. I knew Preston would stop pestering me if I went." Niall shrugged and Liam nodded in agreement. "I see,"

Liam headed over to the kitchen counter and grabbed his wallet which lay in the dish. "Third big shopping trip in nine months. Third time lucky." Liam sighed, counting all his notes. Niall couldn't help chuckling.

"Yeah, here's hoping we actually get something." Niall said, sliding off his seat and sauntering toward the dryer to empty the clean clothes. He bent down, only to groan in pain as the babies kicked at his ribs and he had to lean a hand against the work top to balance himself.

"Babe, don't be silly. I'll get that." Liam sighed, steadying Niall with his hands as Niall straightened his back. Liam started to massage Nialls shoulders in a soothing motion when Harry walked in after ringing the doorbell.

"How did you get in?" Niall frowned curiously. "Front door was open." Harry mumbled in reply and Niall glanced back at Liam. "Yeah sorry, I went out to get the paper. My bad," Liam explained, kissing Nialls temple.

"So, uh, how are you?" Harry asked Niall politely. Liam smirked, shaking his head in disbelief as he headed out the room, leaving them be. "I'm fine. Same old, same old." Niall assured him and Harry smiled, satisfied. "I saw you on Alan Carr last night, you were great." Harry complimented and Niall smiled weakly. "Thank you."

"Sabrina and I would like it if you and Liam went on a double date with us." Harry blurted out nervously and Niall blinked. "Oh."

"We understand if you're busy, but this is just sort of a thank you. Y'know we need a catch up anyway." Harry added hopefully and Niall sighed when Liam came back in. "I don't know Harry, there's just a lot going on at the moment." Niall said hesitantly, glancing at Liam. "What is it?" Liam asked anxiously and Niall told him.

"I think it's a great idea." Liam beamed and Niall scowled at his enthusiasm. Since when did Liam appreciate Harry's presence? "Liam-"

"You need a night out, baby. We both do." Liam smiled, rubbing Nialls shoulder. Niall huffed. All he wanted to do was to snuggle up next to Liam on the bed. He guessed that wasn't happening.

They decided to go on a shopping trip first before they went out with Harry and Sabrina. With the due date getting closer and closer, they couldn't afford to not have anything ready for the twins. They didn't want to be that sort of couple.

So they headed to the supermarket hand in hand and Niall grabbed a trolley, both of them heading to the baby section. "What do we still need?" Liam murmured, glancing self-cautiously at the nappies. "I think we can buy all the furniture and that online, we don't really need to buy it now if we're moving house." Niall reasons, pushing the trolley up next to Liam's side. "Yeah, I agree." Liam nodded in agreement.

"Hey, what's this?" Niall asked curiously as he picked up some sort of object with a wire attached to it. Liam smirked at an oblivious Niall. "That's a breast pump, Niall." He explained simply. Niall yelped and tossed the object aside, so that it landed with a clatter on the floor. A couple that was walking by, chuckled amusingly at Nialls sudden fright and smiled fondly at him before they continued to walk down the isle.

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